Alpha Initium is a project composed of 8888 NFTs created by @damien_guimoneau, who worked with Disney, Marvel and Netflix. Cyborgs women and robots are in the spotlight, get ready for the most impressive and realistic 3D NFT collection ever revealed!

You might be one of the lucky members to discover the AlphaVerse in exclusivity. We created much more than an NFT collection, we created a whole new Universe.

Holding one of our Alphas, you will be able to evolve in an ambitious play-to-earn game and conquer the lands of your enemies. Many battles will be fought, for glory, but above all for profits. Your fighting skills will be rewarded with $Alpha tokens and you will dream of making it your daily job!


Nuclear bombs belong to the distant past. These weapons of mass destruction were replaced by new ones: biological weapons. And humanity paid a high price.

April 7, 2085

Agent Ext-Y, a biological weapon, was first used; infected people developed acute paranoia, which quickly turned into crazed bloodthirstiness. They started killing everyone in sight. However, it was designed to only attack the neurons of those carrying a Y chromosome. Far too volatile, and extremely resistant, Agent Ext-Y spread like wildfire. The world began to teeter.

June 2085

Over 99% of the population became a direct or indirect victim of Agent Ext-Y.


The «Renaissance» movement took power by force in the Baltic region. Men were forced to remain in isolation. The Republic of Lāzārüš was declared, and women went there from all over the world.

2120 to 2131

1st Civil War. The Republic of Lāzārüš decided on an exodus to Africa, then changed its name to the Republic of Ŝāār.

2145 to 2283

The Golden Age of the Republic of Ŝāār. Creation of the first fully autonomous robots, which were called Viltiš.

2283 to 2334

Unstable Period. Self-determination of robots and creation of the first Skydāš and Kāryš factions of cyborgs.

2334 to 2358

Robot War. Short period during the authoritarian Ŝāār Empire. Founding of the Federation of Põhjā, the Kingdom Kinnine and the Republic of Kõrbeš.

2413 to present day

The Republic of Tašütā declared itself independent. The Ŝāār Empire attacked its former territory but was in turn attacked by its neighbors. The War of the Six Kingdoms broke out.
There is no safe haven. It’s up to you to find your own place in that war-torn world. For fame, or for fortune.

The 6 classes on neisti

Valyra - auka

As far back as she can remember, Vālyrā had always supported peace and equality. She immediately migrated to the region of Rikāš when she decided to give rights to robots, deserting the Šāār Empire.

She protected a powerful merchant guild that traded with the Empire until recently.

Faithful war-fighting machine, she won’t hesitate to kill robots and cyborgs, if the latter threaten the survival of the locals.

Kull - Gydymas

This aggressive Gydymas is a key part of any army. Her primary function is to help her comrades on the battlefield. Her optical glasses are invaluable for her to operate and rapidly solder bodies damaged by enemy attacks.

While she’s an expert in repairs, her talent with weapons shouldn’t be neglected. Those who make that mistake don’t live to talk about it.

Magi - mintys

Māgi is not very accommodating. Programmed to kill everything which is not her ally – robot and cyborg alike – this Grubus warrior isn’t one for subtleties.

She was only a child when the robots slaughtered her parents during the capture of Rikāŝ in 2334, and she carried ever after a profound hatred for the Republic of Korbeŝ.

The War of the Six Kingdoms delighted her to no end. This bounty hunter is eager to run into battle and let it rip!

Morteis - Grubus

Disfigured in battle, she had no choice but to wear a mask to keep her facial structure in place. Originally from the Meri military camp, she helped capture the town of Igioŝ during the Robot War.

This betrayal forced her to desert the Republic of Ŝāār, so she settled as far away as possible from her former homeland. Because she was highly involved in the formation of the Federation of Põhjā, she became an eminent and respected member of it.

Jiva - tik

Who has never heard of Jiva from Neisti? This first-generation robot was assembled during the Golden Age of the Republic of Ŝāār in the factories of Keŝküŝ.

A dedicated soldier, she never betrayed the Empire and fought in every battle. Fighting even against those who could have been her sisters during the uprising in Rikāŝ, then the bloody Robot War.

She felt totally at home on the battlefield, to the great misfortune of her opponents.

Jain - jeya

Assembled in the factories in the city of Liiv, Jaïn does not have the Three Laws of Robotics embedded within her. Totally free in her thoughts and actions, she chose to join the Kingdom Kinnine during the ritual of sprendimas.

Having been created after the events of the Robot War, she feels no disdain for other States. Armed with an advanced military arsenal, she was assigned to the heavy units.

Her metallic heart is cold, but her desire to live is scorching hot.

How mint your Alpha

Install Metamask
The Chrome Metamask extension will allow you to proceed to digital transactions with Ethereum. If you are on mobile, please use the Metamask app.
Transfer your ETH
You can purchase Ethereum through your Metamask wallet or send Ethereum from several exchanges (Coinbase/Binance…).
Mint your Alpha
Connect your Metamask to our website. Then, you will be able to mint your Alpha and approve the transaction.

Benefits and utilities

Participative writing

Possibility to participate in the first participative writing of the NFT history

Exclusive giveaways

Regular giveaways for holders only

Alphaverse access

Access to the Alpha Initium land on the Metaverse and interaction with its environment in VR

Benefits and utilities

Channel holders

Access to the exclusive «holders» channel on the discord to collaborate with the team and get exclusive information

$Alpha priority access

Priority access to the purchase of the $Alpha token

Exclusive advantages

Reduced admission fees for battles and character trait bonus in game.



• Introduction to the universe and the scenario
• Introduction to the Map, the lands and territories to conquer and protect
• Announcement of the six Factions
• Introduction to Gameplay I (conquer new lands and defend your territories)
• Selection of 10 Alphas Helpers to guide and help the new Alphas among our community
• Explanation of Alpha Initium RPG’s economy and its microcosm
• Explanation of bonus NFT cards
• Reveal of the Legendary Alphas
• Mint your own Alpha • Reveal of the 8888 Alphas


• Introduction to the $ALPHA token

• Presentation of the Marketplace to trade supplies and resources

• Introduction to Gameplay II (City Building with Rewards)

• Presentation of Omega Initium (Men collection)

Gloria diem

• Rewards for players who build and create in the Cities
• Ranking of the best players
• Ranking of players with the most resources, to introduce head hunting for PVP


• Final installation of the Initium Marketplace
• The best fighter wins Platinum stocks from an enemy during PVP matches
• Festive event at the end of each month on AlphaVerse


• Addition of new territories (provinces) to Alphaverse
• Daily rewards for dedicated players
• Integration into new Metaverses

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Artist and the team

Artist biography

Damien Guimoneau is one of the most prestigious 3D Artist known in the VFX industry. Creature specialist he is behind many main hero characters as a digital sculptor : Rafiki, Simba and Scar for the Lion King. Xenomorph and Neomorph for Alien Covenant.

Senior Modeler on Justice league, Godzilla, recent Marvel and Disney movies. But also very talented for hard surface and responsible of the design and the creation of many robots like in Ghost in the Shell!







Jérôme maman

Jerome has a gaming experience working for Ubisoft to promote the gaming shopping experience and promoting the collector editions. Proven leadership and ability to develop highly effective and measurable strategies to drive revenue growth, build successful teams, increase customer acquisition, and expand brand awareness.  Jerome is one of the co-founder and CEO of Developers.Institute, a selective & intensive coding bootcamp, dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent.

Jerome established and executed online marketing and sales directives across EMEA regions.

He was in charge of the strategic marketing and promotional plan to grow games revenue and build awareness through online and integrated marketing efforts for AAA Ubisoft games such Assassin Creed (with the sales management of the exclusive collector worldwide as well as the in-game store), Far Cry, The Crew, Watchdogs…

Co-founder of “Les Eclaireuses” media and the “C’est qui la boss?” (“Who is the boss ?”) community.

After a degree in economics at La Sorbonne and a master’s degree in E-business at HEC Montreal, Melody co-founded Les Eclaireuses, the French leading women’s social media.

An inclusive media that aims to put the light on all women and currently gathers a community of over 6 million followers.

Through “C’est qui la boss?”, Melody decided to go further by helping women boost their self-confidence and ambition. Today, “C’est qui la boss?” brings together a community of over 600,000 girl bosses in France.

Melody Madar

rest of the Alpha team

Maxime Boyer
Maxime BoyerScenarist
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Oualid badaoui
Oualid badaouiDevelopper
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Zakaria Bekaddour
Zakaria BekaddourBlockchain analyst / AMF & BLOOMBERG
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Cedric Poligné
Cedric PolignéDesigner 3D
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Fabien Cazenabe
Fabien CazenabeMotion Designer
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Christophe Nassar
Christophe NassarDesigner 3D
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Server keith
Server keithco-writer
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Milos Eratostene
Milos EratosteneDesigner 3D
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This is a special collection of 8888 cyborgs and 3D robots, true works of art created by an internationally recognized designer. For this first collection, they will be divided into 3 factions and 6 classes with at each time an unique composition.
Once you have successfully minted your NFT, you can view it by connecting your wallet to OpenSea, then you can use it as your wish.
You can contact the team on discord and ask all your questions or contact us directly on our email address: All essential information will be announced on the discord.
Metamask is a decentralized crypto wallet that stores all your crypto-currencies. You will use it for mint your Alpha, so keep sure to have enough ETH available inside.
The mint will be done exclusively on our website. The exact date will be communicated to you soon.
Yes, all the information you need for access on our whitelist are present on this discord channel #info-whitelist.
As an avatar on your social networks, for example. You also can enjoy all the advantages that holders have on this project: participation in the development, collaborative writing, exclusive giveaways, access to the lands on different metaverse, a reduction of fees for battles in game, priority access to the purchase of the $AlphaX token, and much more…
The detail in the visuals has never been seen before in the NFT universe, and you will be able to participate in a unique and epic adventure anchored in a storyline of great depth.